Skilled migrants to be attracted to South Australia

January 10, 2011

The federal government of Australia and state government of South Australia have reached an agreement on immigration to meet South Australia needs for skilled migrants.

With a huge investment of over $80 billion for major projects, and strong prospects of outperforming the national economy over the next decade, the South Australian Government is afraid that their local workforce cannot meet the demand for skilled labour.

According to Immigration Minister Chris Bowen, the Australian Government is committed to attract skilled migrants who can make positive contribution to Australia's workforce in order to support the economy. The state migration plans are part of that commitment.

"The implementation of state migration plans will provide flexibility for state and territory governments to nominate skilled migrants in a broader range of occupations than are currently offered on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL)," said Mr Bowen.

Overseas residents who have skills in occupations included in the SOL can apply for a permanent residence visa thanks to Australia point- based immigration system. Sponsorship from a state/territory government is required for some of these visas.

The list of occupations available for state sponsorship under the South Australian State Skilled Migration program for 2010-11 contains 258 occupations that range from trades such mechanics, welders, and locksmiths to professional occupations such as doctors and engineers.

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