Registered Migration Agents

Unrivalled Expertise in Immigration Services

At Migration Expert, our team of registered migration agents offer unparalleled expertise in immigration services. Armed with the latest knowledge of migration laws and visa processes, we are fully equipped to guide you smoothly through your immigration journey.

Strategic Solutions, Compassionate Guidance

Every immigration case is unique. We take the time to understand your circumstances and craft strategic solutions to suit your needs. Our registered migration agents walk you through the process with clear explanations and compassionate guidance, minimising stress and confusion.

Registered with MARA

Our consultants are registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), ensuring that we uphold the highest ethical and professional standards. When you choose Migration Expert, you’re choosing trusted, MARA-registered professionals.

Proven Track Record

With a successful track record of delivering positive outcomes for clients, we pride ourselves on our consistent performance. Our case studies speak volumes about our commitment to helping you achieve your migration goals.

Meet Our Senior Migration Team

Rashmika Gunasekera

Senior Registered Migration Agent
Migration agent registration number: 2318185

Rashmika Gunasekera stands out as a highly proficient and dedicated Senior Migration Consultant, bolstered by a rich educational background and specialised expertise in the field of migration. After graduating from Deakin University with dual degrees in Law and Commerce, Rashmika has laid a strong academic foundation that perfectly marries the intricate worlds of legal practices and business principles. This unique combination of qualifications enables her to navigate the complexities of migration law with a sharp analytical mind and a comprehensive understanding of the commercial aspects that often intersect with migration matters.

Further enhancing her specialisation in migration, Rashmika completed a Graduate Diploma in Migration Law from Victoria University. This additional layer of focused education has equipped her with the detailed knowledge and skills necessary to excel as a migration expert. With a year of experience working as a Senior Migration Consultant, Rashmika has already established herself as a specialist in various visa categories. Her role involves a deep commitment to assisting clients through the often convoluted and stressful process of obtaining different types of visas, providing not just legal advice but also empathetic support.

Rashmika’s approach to her work is characterised by meticulous attention to detail, proactive communication, and a steadfast commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes for her clients. Her background in law and commerce, combined with her specialised knowledge in migration law, positions her as an invaluable asset to those seeking to navigate the challenges of migration. Rashmika’s dedication to her clients is evident in her ability to offer comprehensive and personalised advice, ensuring that each client’s journey towards securing their visa is as smooth and successful as possible.

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Junita Bhasin

Registered Migration Agent
Migration agent registration number: 2318151

Junita Bhasin has made significant strides in the migration sector, achieving her credentials as a Registered Migration Agent. This accomplishment comes on the heels of her completing a Graduate Diploma in Migration Law, marking her as a dedicated and knowledgeable professional in the field. Her expertise is especially evident in her adept handling of a wide array of visa applications and migration processes, where she has demonstrated a keen ability to navigate the intricacies of migration law with efficiency and precision.

In her work, Junita is recognised for her exceptional commitment to client service, which is characterised by her proactive communication, thorough understanding of legislative requirements, and timely responses. Her approach is deeply rooted in a hardworking ethic, self-motivation, and the initiative to develop strategies that lead to successful outcomes. Junita is friendly and cooperative, and her professional demeanour makes her not only a reliable agent but also a pleasant and effective collaborator. Her focus on migration services is enhanced by a profound sense of responsibility and a clear commitment to assisting clients through the often complex migration journey, ensuring they receive comprehensive and personalised advice.

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