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Trade Qualifications Australia

Australian legislation covering the recognition of professional and trade qualifications varies according to where you live within Australia. Australia has a federal system of government and is divided into six States and two Territories. In some professions and trades you are required to be registered with a relevant Registration Board in your State/Territory to practise in your occupation.

Subject to conditions, if a person is registered to practise an occupation in one Australian State or Territory they can carry out an equivalent occupation in any other Australian State or Territory after obtaining registration with the relevant Registration Board.

People who already hold registration or are licensed to practise a professional or trade occupation in New Zealand are permitted to practise the equivalent occupation in any Australian State or Territory where registration is a requirement after gaining registration with the relevant Registration Board.

The Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Arrangement (TTMRA) covers all registrable occupations, except medicine.

Every occupation or group of occupations has its own individual pathway to recognition as a professional or tradesperson in Australia. The level of regulation in place largely determines the process. Based on this principle, occupations can be divided into three categories - those regulated by law, self-regulating and unregulated.

The group of professions regulated by law include related health professions, veterinary science and architecture. An applicant's eligibility to practise in these professions is determined by set assessment requirements, often in the form of an examination, which applicants must successfully meet to qualify for registration by State and Territory Registration Boards. In some instances, applicants may be required to undertake a period of practical experience as part of the assessment and recognition process.

For self-regulating and unregulated professions, competency based assessments and/or assessments based on qualifications may apply. In some professions, for instance accountancy and law, additional country-specific training in Australia is usually required as a precondition to employment.