Australian Aged Parent Visa

Australian Aged Parent Visa

The Aged Parent Visa allows older parents to join their child who is already living in Australia. The Aged Parent visa requires sponsorship from an eligible child in Australia.

The government limits the number of available Aged Parent visas available each year. Therefore, applicants who apply and meet core criteria for this visa are placed in a global queue.

Under the Contributory Parent visa program, applicants pay a larger fee with a shorter processing period.

To find out if you are eligible for the aged parent visa, book a consultation with one of our migration agents. We will assess your situation and recommend the right visa option based on your needs.

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Australian Aged Parent Visa Basic Requirements

To apply for an Aged Parent visa, applicants must meet the age requirement, pass the 'balance of family' test and be sponsored by their child who must be:

  • an Australian citizen,
  • an Australian permanent resident or,
  • an eligible New Zealand citizen settled in Australia.


An aged parent is someone who is old enough to be granted an Australian age pension. For male applicants, the qualifying age is currently 65 years and for female applicants, the qualifying age ranges from 63 to 65 depending on the applicant's date of birth.

Balance of family

The 'balance of family' test applies to all Parent visa applicants and the applicant must demonstrate that they have:

  • at least half of their children living lawfully and permanently in Australia; or
  • more children living lawfully and permanently in Australia than in any one single country overseas.

An Aged Parent visa must be applied for onshore and applicants are required to be in Australia at the time the visa is granted.

All Australian visa applicants are required to satisfy health and character requirements.

Australian Aged Parent Visa Entitlements

Successful applicants of an Aged Parent visa become permanent residents of Australia. Permanent residents are entitled to live, work and study in Australia permanently. Additional benefits include access to government-subsidised healthcare (Medicare), certain social security benefits and the ability to apply for Australian citizenship.

Successful applicants of a Contributory Aged Parent visa will be granted a two-year temporary residence visa.

Managed Visa Application Service

When you purchase the Managed Visa Application Service with Migration Expert Australia, our service includes:

  • File management by one of our experienced Migration Consultants
  • Guidance and instructions on the specific documentation and forms
  • Submission of the visa application on your behalf
  • Assistance with any government requests for additional information
  • 24/5 Help Desk Support
  • Travel Guide to Australia
  • Secure Client Area access
  • Notification of all government correspondence

Our Fees

Service Name Processing Time Service Price
Managed Visa Application Service 12 to 36 months US$3,999.00

Government Fees and Processing Time

Application Fee
  • Subclass 804: AU$3945.00
  • Subclass 864/884: AU$3855.00
Partner Application Fee
  • Subclass 804: AU$1975.00
  • Subclass 864/884: AU$1925.00
Dependents Application fee

Subclass 804:

  • 18 years or older AU$1975.00
  • Under 18 years AU$1270.00

Subclass 964:

  • 18 years or older AU$1925.00
  • Under 18 years AU$965.00
Second Instalment

Varies depending on Parent Visa subclass

  • Aged Parent Visa, Subclass 804: AU$2065 per person
  • Contributory Aged Parent Visa, Subclass 864: AU$43,600 per person
  • Contributory Aged Parent (Temp) Visa, Subclass 884: AU$29,130 per person

Please note that the quoted processing time below does NOT include Subclass 804 which is a non-contributory category and therefore is subject to a longer waiting period of at least 10-15 years.

Processing Time 12 to 36 months
* All fees and processing time are obtained from government source.