Updates to lodgement process for Resident Return Visa

November 04, 2016

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection has released a new update regarding the lodgement for Resident Return Visa (RRV).

Beginning 10 September 2016, applications for the RRV should now be done online via an ImmiAccount.

Applicants are required to create their personal account for them to initiate a visa request.

It is now the immigration agency’s preferred method, especially for applicants who are still in the country. The old lodgement process will no longer be entertained unless it concerns provisional RRV as it is not yet available online.

Applicants are also warned that they may incur a non-Internet application charge if they do not lodge their RRV application online.

For applicants outside the country, written RRV applications, other than form 1085, have been rendered unavailable since 10 September 2016.

This means that applicants who cannot lodge online will have to complete and submit application form 1085 to the nearest Australian Department office in their country of location.

What is a Resident Return Visa (RRV)?

The Resident Return Visa (subclasses 155 and 157), is a type of visa issued to all non-citizen permanent residents of Australia who wish to leave the country temporarily . This is typically availed after the expiration of a residence visa’s initial five-year period.

This visa is issued to current or former Australian permanent residents and former Australian citizens and allows them to travel overseas and return to Australia as a permanent resident.

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