Coming to Australia

Ensure to check your travel documents. To enter Australia, you must have:

  • A valid passport or other acceptable travel document
  • The passport you used in your application
  • A valid visa to enter Australia if you’re entering by air

Please note, a seafarer’s identity document is not acceptable.

While in Australia

It’s crucial to follow all visa conditions and Australian laws. Notify us immediately of any changes in your situation such as phone number, email, address, passport, relationship status, or the birth of a child.

Working in Australia

To understand your work conditions under the Maritime Crew Visa, use VEVO. Remember, your workplace rights and entitlements are governed by the country the ship is flagged to.

Staying Longer

If your Maritime Crew Visa ends or is cancelled, you may apply for a new one from outside Australia. Should there be compelling reasons preventing you from leaving Australia within 5 days of signing off your ship, contact us to request an extension while your visa is still valid.

Leaving Australia

Ensure your visa is still valid and you have a valid passport or other travel document before you leave Australia. You can request your international movement records to get proof of your travel in and out of Australia.

Contact us for any questions or assistance regarding your Maritime Crew Visa.

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Jan 03, 2023

Professional and helped me get my visa to Australia

I have used Migration Expert Australia to help me apply for a visa to Australia. The team at Migration expert Australia has been very professional and helped me get my visa to Australia within a short time. I highly recommend Migration Expert Australia and its team if you are considering applying for a visa to migrate to Australia.


Dec 22, 2022

Thanks for your great support with my student visa application!

Always contactable for questions, providing timely, detailed, and very helpful answers, all the while going through the application process very thoroughly with a great deal of integrity and an emphasis on detailed preparation - I felt in safe and experienced hands from start to finish!
Thank you very much!


Feb 17, 2023

Very satisfied

I had no trouble using this site.
It is a reasonable cost and very fast. I recommend this site to anyone. Thanks for the excellent service. Much easier than in the past.

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