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Student Visas
Migration Expert Australia is a private immigration company with a team of highly experienced MARA registered migration consultants who represent clients from across the globe wishing to apply for an Australian visa. Migration Expert provides fee-based services in addition to the official government charges to advise, assist and represent our clients through the often-complex visa application process.
All decisions for granting of a visa remain with the Australian Government subject to lodging a valid application using the free forms available on the Government website and meeting the relevant criteria. Migration Expert is not affiliated with the Australian Government and act independent in the interests of our clients.
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Australian Student Visas

Do I qualify for

Student Visa?

The Australian Student visa program provides international students the opportunity to study in Australia at all levels of education, including primary, secondary, tertiary, postgraduate, vocational and non-award courses. On 30 June 2013, there were over 300,000 international student visa holders in Australia.

All international students require a Student visa before commencing any course or study in Australia.

Student Visas
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  • Can you apply for an Australian Visa if you have a criminal record?

    Migration Expert has vast experience dealing with clients from all over the world wishing to enter Australia. Every so often, we get concerns from some of our clients who have a criminal record on how they can come into Australia. Everyone wishing to enter Australia must be of “good character” and be able to satisfy the character requirement which applies.

    Although it is important to seek the advice of a migration agent for your individual case, here’s an overview of what you need to do to come into Australia when you have a criminal record.

  • Poland now Eligible for Australian Work and Holiday Visa Program
    A reciprocal work and holiday visa arrangement between Australian and Polish governments took effect from 01 August 2014, providing young people from the two countries the chance to experience culture of each other's country.
  • Immigration Minister Demands Reports on Allegations of Visa Frauds
    Australian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison required an urgent report from the Immigration Department about allegations of widespread visa fraud over the last six years.