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Human Resource and Training Professionals
Minor Group

Human Resource and Training Professionals plan, develop, implement and evaluate staff recruitment, retention, training and development programs, assist in resolving disputes by advising on workplace relations policies and problems, and represent industrial, commercial, union, employer and other parties in negotiations.

Indicative Skill Level:

In Australia and New Zealand:

Most occupations in this minor group have a level of skill commensurate with a bachelor degree or higher qualification. At least five years of relevant experience may substitute for the formal qualification. In some instances relevant experience and/or on-the-job training may be required in addition to the formal qualification (ANZSCO Skill Level 1).

Tasks Include:

  • arranging for advertising of job vacancies, interviewing and testing of applicants, and selection of staff
  • providing advice and information to management on human resource policies and procedures, staff performance and misconduct matters
  • undertaking negotiations on terms and conditions of employment, and examining and resolving disputes and grievances
  • studying and interpreting legislation, awards and agreements, wage payment systems, and dispute settlement procedures
  • developing, planning and formulating workplace relations policies and programs, and procedures for their implementation
  • identifying and determining the need for training, through identifying competencies and defining training requirements in the work environment
  • designing, developing and assessing staff training and development

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