Australian Electronic Travel Authority


An Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) is an electronic travel visa linked to the applicant's passport permitting travel to Australia for tourism and business purposes. As an ETA is linked electronically, there is no stamp or label in the passport.

Citizens from ETA-eligible countries can obtain an ETA online.

An ETA is valid for one year, and travellers are permitted to enter Australia as many times as they like during the validity period, for up to three months per visit.

To qualify for an ETA, applicants must hold a valid passport from an ETA eligible country, be in good health, and be outside Australia at the time of application and the time of grant.

Applicants with a criminal conviction may not be able to apply for an ETA online and may need to apply for a visitor visa instead.

It is critical that all the personal details provided in your ETA application are exactly as they appear in your passport. If your ETA application contains any errors, it may affect your ability to travel to Australia.


Our service includes:

  • Simple, easy application for Individuals, Family or Groups
  • Complimentary Travel Guide to Australia
  • Passport Expiry Reminders
  • Free Error Corrections during the validity of your ETA
  • Visa Renewal Reminders
  • Free 24/5 Telephone Support
  • Secure Client Area access
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Our ETA Services (Including Government fee)

Service Name Processing Time Tourist ETA Price Business ETA Price
Standard ETA Application Service 24 hours US$10.00 US$14.00
Priority ETA Application Service 8 hours US$13.00 US$17.00
Premium ETA Application Service 1 hour US$24.00 US$28.00
Urgent ETA Application Service 10 minutes US$31.00 US$35.00