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Working in Australia

Australia has a strong, skilled workforce of approximately 10 million people. The majority of Australia's work force is educated and well trained; with most workers having earned some trade or university qualification.

The current monthly Australian unemployment rate is 5.8% where it has remained relatively stable since March 2009. The annual average Australian unemployment rate is 4.9% which is fairing well by international comparisons in the current economic climate.

Annual average job vacancies are 179,600, with the significant majority of these vacancies in the private sector (160,700) compared with 18,800 vacancies in the public sector.

Unemployment by State

State / Region Unemployment Rate (Monthly Trend) Job Vacancies (Annual Average)
Australian Capital Territory 3.4% 6,400
New South Wale 4.9% 47,300
Northern Territory 4.0% 4,200
South Australi 5.2% 10,400
Tasmania 7.3% 2,300
Victoria 5.5% 40,800
Western Australi 3.8% 28,000
Queensland 5.5% 41,600

(Source: ABS | Australian Economic Indicators May 2012)

Employment opportunities in Australia will depend on the current local/regional economic circumstances and the type of work sought. Australians enjoy a flexible workplace relations system which allows workers and employers to negotiate agreements while federal legislation exists to guarantee a minimum rate of pay and minimum leave entitlements.

Thousands of jobs are advertised each week in Australia, creating incredibly diverse job opportunities for skilled professionals, trades people or students graduating from Australian universities. All job seekers must be able to legally work in Australia, which generally requires holding an appropriate visa that permits the holder to engage in employment.