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Vocational Education and Training in Australia

Vocational institutions (technical colleges) are closely linked with industry which means the courses teach skills that are demanded by employers. Vocational Education and Training courses are provided by public institutions called Technical and Further Education (TAFE) Institutes, and by private colleges. All institutes and colleges are subject to Government monitoring to ensure high standards for studying in Australia.

Under Australia's national qualifications framework graduates can also progress into higher level courses including entry into universities for Diploma and Bachelor degree courses.

Certificates I and II are qualifications which recognise the students' basic vocational skills and knowledge while Certificates III and IV are the equivalent of trade certificates in various vocations. These prepare students for both employment and further education and training if they wish to carry on studying in their chosen field.

About Vocational Certificates

Qualification: Certificates I, II, III, IV
Length of study: 6 months to 1 year, full time
Academic entrance requirements: Secondary School, year 10; or
Relevant employment experience
Average cost of study per year: US$3,500 - US$5,000

Vocational Diplomas in Australia

These Diplomas prepare students to apply their skills and are based on fundamental principles and complex techniques. These qualifications recognise capacity for initiative and judgment across a broad range of technical and management functions.

The Advanced Diploma is a more specialised qualification that signifies skill and knowledge of a greater complexity and a higher level of personal accountability.

About Vocational Diplomas

Qualification: Diploma / Advanced Diploma
Length of study: 1 - 3 years, full time
Academic entrance requirements: Secondary School - Certificate of Education or equivalent from your own country; and/or
Relevant employment experience
Average cost of study per year: US$3,500 - US$5,000