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Australia Universities

There are 38 public (government funded) universities and 2 private Australian universities. Australia is home to some of the world's most prestigious universities. Despite this, tuition costs for studying at Australian universities remain affordable for both domestic and foreign students.

Bachelor Degree

The Undergraduate Bachelor Degree educational level is suitable for students who have completed their secondary schooling and want to obtain the basic qualifications for entry into a profession.

The Bachelor Degree prepares students for professional careers and postgraduate study. There are many other options within the degree program which could require more or fewer years of study, depending on the student's academic and professional goals. Here are some examples:

  • A Professional Degree course can extend to four years and equips candidates with practical skills and techniques that will be applied in the professional domain.
  • A Combined or Double Degree program allows students combinations of subjects from two degrees, enabling them to graduate with both degrees in a shorter time than would be required to complete two degrees independently.
  • The two-year Graduate Entry Degree in a specified discipline is often meant to be a shorter alternative to the standard three year (or longer) degree for initial professional preparation.
  • The Bachelor (Honours) Degree can be undertaken by students who demonstrate a high level of achievement at an earlier stage in the undergraduate degree program, and involves some research preparation.

The Bachelor Honours Degree requires the completion of an additional year, or its equivalent, and is awarded on the basis of the level of performance in the degree as a whole.

About the Bachelor Degree in Australia

Length of study: 3 - 4 years, full time
Academic entrance requirements: Secondary School or equivalent; or
Bridging/Foundation courses; or
Diploma/Advanced Diploma.
Average cost of study per year: US$6,000 - US$9,000

Postgraduate Degrees

Postgraduate study in Australia includes Graduate Diplomas, Masters degrees and Doctoral (PhD) degrees. This educational level is suitable for students who have completed their secondary schooling, as well as having usually completed undergraduate studies, and want to enhance specific professional or vocational skills.

Graduate Certificates and Graduate Diplomas are generally designed for specific vocational purposes, either to broaden of skills and knowledge already gained in an undergraduate program, or for vocational skills and knowledge in a new professional area.

About Postgraduate Study in Australia

Length of study: 6 months to 1 year, full time
Academic entrance requirements: Bachelor Degree; or
Advanced Diploma; and/or
Relevant employment experience
Average cost of study per year: US$3,500 - US$5,000