Australian Government Introduces Pay And Conditions Tool

September 30, 2015

Australian Government has launched a new Pay And Conditions Tool (PACT), which is considered as a convenient and easy tool for a worker to check pay rates on mobile devices.

Aiming to protect vulnerable workers, the Pay and Conditions Tool can help the Australian Government provide additional information and resources to visa holders. The Coalition Government has encouraged all workers to check their pay so they can understand their workplace rights and entitlements.

According to Minister Cash, “All workers are entitled to the same pay, conditions and protections under Australian law, regardless of whether they are a temporary visa holder, a permanent visa holder or an Australian citizen

“Every person who is granted a temporary visa receives a visa grant notice from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. We’ve recently improved the information in these notices so working holiday makers and 457 visa holders fully understand their workplace rights on issues including wages, discrimination, bullying and harassment” added Minister Cash.

The Australian Government promises that the temporary visa program will not exploit workers or affect Australian wages and conditions.

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