Changes to Australian Student Visa policy continue to be complained

December 06, 2010

Changes to Australian Student Visa policy, which were made by Australian Government in 2010, have been said to make international student entry into Australia more difficult, and may cost thousands of jobs.

The number of applications for Australian Student Visas are down and many education providers are very worried about the future of this sector.

According to Government agency Australian Education International's recent report, the number of new international students coming to Australia continues to decrease, dropping by 9.5 per cent or more than 32,000 would-be students, as of the end of October. The report also showed that total enrolments are down 1.4 per cent to 599,795 students.

These statistics come while the Australian Government is being pressured to reform and loosen the student visa eligibility criteria by many lobby groups. The government last month also eased rules on finances for international students studying for higher education diplomas but not for those seeking vocational education diplomas.

Several industry bodies have criticised that the current Australian visa policy for being inconsistent because citizens of some countries have to face greater scrutiny than others. The Australian student visa policy has received an overhaul following a meeting between Australian Immigration Minister Chris Bowen and industry key bodies 2 days ago.

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