New visa measures to assist international students in Australia

November 10, 2009

The Australian Government has announced new measures designed to assist international students who have been affected by the closure of their university or other education provider.

Under the new changes, students who require a new student visa to complete their studies at another school will be exempt from the $540 student visa application fee. In 2009, twelve education providers had been closed, affecting 4,700 students.

Regarding this, Senator Chris Evans, Minister for Immigration & Citizenship, stated "In situations where an education provider can no longer offer a course, the government's primary concern is the welfare of the student".

Another change announced by the Government was that from 2010, students will be required to demonstrate that they have access to at least $18,000 a year to fund their studies. Currently international students are only required to have access to $12,000 a year.

The increase has been made, according to the Government, to better reflect the costs involved in living and studying in Australia.

Living costs represents one component of the financial requirements for obtaining a student visa to Australia. International students must also have sufficient funds for tuition fees, travel costs, and more.

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